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The KEEP GOING 25 Foundation is inspired by Michael Currin. Michael lived for 19 remarkable years. He was a cherished son, brother and friend. He was an outstanding student, a gifted athlete (#25) and a natural leader. More importantly though, he was kind and passionate, a person who lived his faith with honor, humor, humility and purpose.

The Keep going 25 story

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As a child, Michael lived through the traumatic passing of his father, Joe. After falling ill in the middle of a family fun run, Joe’s final words to Michael were simple, powerful, and stuck with him for the rest of his life.  Joe turned to Michael and said, “KEEP GOING.” His father’s words of encouragement became the words Michael lived by and KEEP GOING became his rally cry.


Michael enjoyed spending time with family, friends, and his golden retriever, Clive. He studied, traveled, tried new things, and served others; each experience incrementally enriching his character. Michael had the innate ability to bring people together, to love those that were hard to love and to see those who may not be noticed by others. Michael thrived on being part of a team- often being the leader and energy for his teammates.  His family was Michael's greatest motivation and support. His school and neighborhood communities were also part of that support system,  providing Michael  with love, security and the confidence to be unapolegetically himself. Michael's "teams" gave him the courage to KEEP GOING through adversity. In turn, Michael encouraged others to KEEP GOING too.


We are inspired by Michael and his ability to touch so many people’s lives. The rally cry "KEEP GOING" motivates us and fuels our mission to help others KEEP GOING by leading, loving and serving.


KEEP GOING 25 honors Michael's legacy. The Foundation funds programs that help the youth embrace adversity focusing on kindness, leadership and service. In short, we inspire others to KEEP GOING.


lead . LovE . ServE AND KEEP GOING 

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