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KEEP GOING 25 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, made up of a growing community of volunteers, friends, and youth on a mission to inspire others to KEEP GOING. We believe in the power of encouragement and rallying for others when they need it the most. We do this by funding and supporting service-learning programs for youth ages 10 - 25. Our mission is to inspire and lead the way for youth to love and serve through action-oriented projects within their communities.

At KEEP GOING 25, we fund and support service-learning programs to help youth not only gain invaluable experience, but also to help them foster important life skills including leadership, collaboration, resiliency and compassion. Leading and participating in these programs helps students develop and improve problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills. We challenge youth to notice and be empathic when people are in need and in turn to act to make a positive impact in another person's life. We inspire and support showing up for others facing adversity and are committed to making our communities and world better places through love and service. 


We believe serving others is the foundation of a life of purpose. 

Life Skills: Leadership. Collaboration. Communication. Problem-Solving. Decision-Making. Empathy.  Resilience. Compassion.

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KEEP Service GOING Grants

First Deadline is MAY 31, 2024


Our mission is to inspire youth to embrace leadership, kindness, and service through action-oriented projects within their communities. We honor the life of Michael Currin (#25).



The vision of KEEP GOING 25 is that one day, all youth will have the inspiration, tools, and training to gain insight from adversity and use it to positively impact others.



Serving others is the foundation of a life of purpose

Resiliency is the most vital component of self-growth

Fun is inherent in everything we do

Family is our strongest team

Kindness is our superpower

Love never fails

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Serving others is the

foundation of a life of purpose

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